We use design principles to tackle creative and business issues. Sketching and
prototyping are our tools to make thinking visible; unlocking the full potential of your team.

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Jan-Jaap Rietjens
I’m the driving force behind Splinter. I believe skills are indispensable in high-level projects. Creating something new. Something that didn’t exist before. A new way of working, a new product or service, a new way of seeing things. It is my goal to make design thinking and prototyping available to all kinds of development teams.
My background as industrial designer helps me to grip multi-angled issues and enables me to communicate cross disciplinary.

Cut the crap and let’s have fun!
Looking forward to meet you.
Erik Rietjens
I strongly believe the best results in projects, transformations or new future developments can be achieved by combining my design thinking, modeling craftsmanship and computer-aided design. My background as industrial designer and living room philosopher helps me to participate in multi-angled issues in a positive constructive way.

Let’s get back the spirit-that-runs-through-all-things in everything we do and design!
Looking forward to meet you.


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